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If you're reading this, you are already taking an important step in getting healthier. Be proud of yourself!

Dear soon-to-be-slimmer friend,

My name is Liz Vaccariello, and I'm proud to be the Editor-in-Chief of Reader's Digest and author of the all-new weight-loss plan, THE DIGEST DIET.

I created this plan as much for me as you. You see, I know what it's like to want to lose a few pounds. Over the years I've weighed as little as 135 pounds and as much as 173. You may be thinking that's not heavy. But we all have that weight we feel great at. That number on the scale where you not only look fit and trim, you feel energetic, happy, and healthy, too.

But knowing how to get to that "I-feel-great" number on the scale can seem like an impossible task. Do you pay a fortune for pre-packaged meals that aren't necessarily healthy? Do you omit entire food groups? Or skip meals? If you're like me, you've thought about all these and more. But the reality is fads and extremes just don't work.

THE DIGEST DIET cuts through all the hype and
brings you a fast-acting 21-day plan for success.

I've studied the science and analyzed the latest trends. Along the way, I've discovered surprising reasons why fat creeps up on us, and have done everything I can to find out how we can help make it fade away quickly.

The results?
I uncovered 22 powerful lifestyle factors that I truly believe help encourage fast, healthy weight loss. I named them FAT RELEASERS, and together with my team, put these exciting discoveries into a fast-acting 21-day plan that brings you delicious recipes, short workouts, and fantastic fat-releasing laughter!

THE DIGEST DIET is Simple and Delicious!

If you're the type of person who can't help but get a little wary when someone intrduces the "latest diet" then let me tell you -- I can totally relate. And to you, and other like you, I say there are two things I can personally guarantee you...

A FREE 14-DAY FREE PREVIEW of THE DIGEST DIET. Read it. Use it. If you don't lose the weight you want—or you don't like it for any reason at all—return it and you won't owe a single penny.

2 FREE GIFTS. Order Now and I'll send you two Health Guides—Beautiful Skin the Natural Way and Deep Sleep Tonight. If you decide to return THE DIGEST DIET, these gifts are yours to keep.

You have nothing to lose except those unwanted pounds, so don't wait another minute! Join us and start your 14-DAY FREE PREVIEW today.

Here's to your health,

Liz Vaccariello
Editor-in-chief, Reader's Digest

No deprivation, No hunger. Just filling, delicious fat releaser foods!


Phase 1:


This phase is designed to launch your body into "fat release" mode and jumpstart your weight loss. Every food, meal, and snack you'll find here will flood the body with nutrition. Enjoy delicious chocolate shakes, Hearty Mexican Chicken Soup, and more.

Phase 2:


Keep the fat fading away by filling up on healthy fats, lean meats, vegetables—and even enjoy wine with dinner. Your tummy won't believe you're dieting when you dig in to Mexilicious Omelets, Flank Steak, Turkey Cheddar Roll Ups, and more.

Phase 3:


As you fill your plate with a wide variety of delicious fat releasers, you'll also be training yourself to get the right balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates for a lifetime of fat releasing power.
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