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Liz Vaccariello is one of America's top health journalists and Editor-in-Chief of Reader's Digest magazine. The depth and breadth of her experience ensures you get the best and most helpful information possible. She is the #1 New York Times bestselling coauthor of Flat Belly Diet! and 400 Calorie Fix.

Discover WHY fat creeps up and
learn 21 Ways to RELEASE IT!

We culled through thousands of articles, read the science,
looked at the trends, and filtered out all the fads and gimmicks.

THE DIGEST DIET sifts out all the hype to deliver an exciting 21-day plan designed to help facilitate your healthy weight loss. We identified 21 of the most powerful, easy-to-do lifestyle changes that I'm convinced will help curb cravings AND help with weight loss.

I call them "Fat Releasers."
You'll call them "Amazing!"

Get THE DIGEST DIET and discover the 3 ways fat creeps up and clings to you…how all 21 Fat Releasers (including hunger controllers like Calcium and surprising calorie burners like Laughter) can jumpstart your weight loss and boost your well-being.

But we didn't stop there. We not only dug into the science, we also put THE DIGEST DIET to the test—a panel of 12 men and women just like you, with busy lives and demanding work obligations. Hectic family schedules. Dinners out. Parties to attend. And all the distractions that real life brings.

We're happy to report that for our test panelists, THE DIGEST DIET worked better than even WE could imagine.
"I Lost 60 pounds and
                got my life back!"

Kickstart the way
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THE DIGEST DIET will FILL YOU UP with the whole, real foods your body wants and needs.

PLUS, you'll learn:

  • The little-known reason you could be eating an extra 300 calories a day.
  • How exercise can actually make you fat!
  • 3 Common Diet Myths—shattered! You simply won't believe your eyes.
  • How food manufacturers get you to gobble up an extra 500 calories a day.
  • 3 foods that dissolve fat—even unhealthy belly fat.

Dig in to Delicious Foods
that Can Help You LOSE!

The keys to success are the delicious foods that will keep you full and are loaded with fat releasers.
  • Check out which of the 16 Fat
    Releaser Seasonings
    a world of flavor and spice
    to your meals.
  • Find out which 5 fruits provide
           the best source of
                   Fat Releaser Fiber.
  • Cheesy Pizza tonight?
    This delish recipe is
    almost faster than
    ordering takeout.
  • Fudgy Mocha Brownie anyone?

    Make sure you bookmark this recipe. It's a keeper!

  • Is this natural sweetener really the healthiest sugar substitute? You'll
    find out!

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